Another Incredible Transformation

Hanah from Texas is making amazing progress working towards her goals.

Hanah from Texas has lost two dress sizes and gained a ton of confidence following The Model Trainer Method — all while raising two toddlers and working a demanding job.



Five months after giving birth to her last child, Hanah invested in The Model Trainer Method—and herself—and started carving out time to complete her workouts and cook nutritious, healthy food for herself. She’s gone from a size 12 to an 8/10 in just one month and says she’s also gained lean muscle, which she loves.



“It’s amazing for me to say that I am better physical shape now than I was even before I was  expecting. I meal prep following the plan, which is simple and to the point. No weighing or needing a scale. Working full time and being a mother of two toddlers, the meal plan is tremendous help. Once the results started to roll in, eating better and taking better care of my body was easy. I have lots of room for progress and am looking forward to it all!” says Hanah.



We know how hard it is to get back into fitness after having children and are so happy Hanah is finding success on the plan. We think she looks incredible and love that she’s feeling stronger and more toned and sculpted. But what we love the most is that she realizes that The Model Trainer Method is not a crash diet, but a new, healthier way of living, and she plans to continue following The Formula and working out with weights.



We think Hanah is a great example of what you can accomplish with consistency and commitment, and what we can accomplish when progress, not perfection is the goal.


Posted in My Story on August, 2017