An Amazing Model Trainer Method Transformation

Jessica Heintjes saw incredible results in just one month.

We think Jessica Heintjes looks amazing no matter her size but what we love hearing is how incredible she feels now that she’s following The Model Trainer Method.


Her before and afters from JUST ONE MONTH blew our mind, and so did what she had to say about why she decided to go on the program and how it’s changed so much more than just her shape. Heintjes says her body confidence has gone through the roof and that she’s finally figured out how to stop bingeing, which is a problem for so many of us. 


Jessica’s before and after after only one month on The Model Trainer Method. Follow her progress on Instagram @jess_heintjes


Jessica’s Story


I decided to try the Model Trainer Method because I have tried so many different ‘diets’ and they have never worked for me because the word ‘diet’ was just what it was. It lasted a certain period of time and then ended, and things went back to the way they were before.


I looked at The Model Trainer Method more as a way of living, and once I started, I felt more energetic and satisfied with the five portions of food a day, unlike a diet that usually leaves me starving. After a few weeks into the diet I saw myself getting more toned and the fat starting to burn off. It didn’t only make me feel healthier, it made me feel 100X more confident.


This was a huge surprise to me because it became such a habit, and it made me learn the right choices to make. Although I’ve had many temptations with food when I go out with friends, I have learned self control. I used to have a huge problem with binge eating, and after a workout I felt that I deserved something I’ve been craving…but it didn’t ever stop with one thing. Before I knew it the whole family bag of chips would be gone. This guide has helped me learn portion control and to be okay with hunger satisfaction.


I feel so much more confident and in control of my life now vs when I first started. I have so much more knowledge on living a healthy lifestyle and this has been something I have been trying to figure out for years!


Favorite Recipe: Turkey Taco filling
I have always loved tacos, and I think this tastes so good, and the fact that it is a healthy recipe is even better!

Favorite Workout: Abs Cardio Drills
The workout ALWAYS makes me sweat and i love love love to sweat!!

Instagram: @Jess_Heintjes

Posted in Fitness on July, 2017